Reinhard Diestel

Graph Theory

Fourth electronic edition (Professional), 2010
Corrected reprint 2012

The Professional electronic edition comes as a personalized high-quality PDF file that can be read, searched, annotated, and printed. The cross-references in the text are active links: when a proof cites "Lemma 3.1", for example, click on the "3.1" to be taken to that lemma. For each result or proof, there are links in the margin to take you to the results needed for this proof, or in whose proof the current result is used.

The Professional edition is intended for personal use, and will carry your name as its opening password. It can be used on most computers, tablets and smartphones; if in doubt, try this sample chapter before ordering it. You may keep separate copies on all your computers or devices simultaneously, and print as much of the book and as often as you like including the entire book.

The Professional edition costs 53.45, the same as the printed book. This price includes free upgrades to all future editions.

If you would like to print handouts for a course you are teaching from the book, you can get your Department to obtain a licence for that too, see the link below.

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