Reinhard Diestel

Graph Theory

Fifth edition, 2016

Apple iBook

Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

This iBook comes in fixed-format ePub, which conforms to Apple's standard for iBooks but still looks exactly like the original PDF. This ensures perfect layout as originally designed quite unlike the 'reflowable' maths books in the iBook store offered by the main publishers.

The cross-references in the text are active links: when a proof cites Lemma 3.1, for example, tap on the "3.1" to be taken to that lemma. For each result or proof, there are links in the margin to take you to the results needed for this proof, or in whose proof the current result is used. These links work best if magnified a little before tapping.

Unlike the other eBook editions (including Professional), the iBooks have a linked index and are not printable.

The price for all eBook formats is the same: iBook, Adobe eBook, and iOS app.

Professional edition

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Adobe eBook

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