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How to install the Adobe eBook on your computer and/or tablet or phone

Installing the Adobe eBook on your computer

 (You will also be able to then send it to your tablet, see Step 3 below.)

Step 1: Buy the eBook from Ciando

You buy the eBook through this link at Ciando. After your purchase, Ciando will offer you a small link file to download. (You are also offered a link to download Adobe's free Digital Editions eBook reader, which you will need to view the book.)

Step 2: Download the eBook

To download the book itself, you must open this link file from your computer, which will connect you to the Adobe server. If you haven't got Digital Editions yet, you'll be diverted and can download it now. The book file itself, a PDF about 3MB large, will then open in Digital Editions on your computer.

Step 3 (optional): Send the eBook to your tablet

Locate the PDF just downloaded on your computer; it will be in a directory called `Digital Editions'. Then import this PDF to your tablet for the app Bluefire Reader, in the usual way. (For iPads, this can be done either via iTunes -> iPad -> Apps, or using the `open in...' function of your Mail or Dropbox app.)

Installing the Adobe eBook on your tablet (iOS or Android)

 (You will also be able to install it on your computer later; see Step 3 below.)

Step 1: Get the free Bluefire Reader from your app store

Install it on your tablet. Open it, go to Info, and register your device for Adobe eBooks.

Step 2: Download the eBook from Ciando directly to your tablet

To buy the eBook from Ciando, use this link from a web browser on your tablet. The dialogue will encourage you to get their branded eBook reader first, but there's no need to (it's a Bluefire Reader clone anyway, and the original works better): just tap on "download now" instead. You will then be asked in which application you would like to view the book, and one of these will be your Bluefire Reader.

Step 3 (optional): Install the eBook to your computer too

Log in to the Ciando website, go to your account, and there to your downloads. You can reload the eBook from there, this time to your computer.

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