Reinhard Diestel

Graph Theory

Summary of CV

Reinhard Diestel received a PhD from the University of Cambridge, following research 1983-86 as a scholar of Trinity College under Béla Bollobás. He was a fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, from 1986 to 1990. Research appointments and scholarships have taken him to Bielefeld (Germany), Oxford and the US. He became a professor in Chemnitz in 1994 and has held the chair of discrete mathematics at Hamburg since 1999.

Reinhard Diestel's main area of research is graph theory, including infinite graph theory, and its connections to other areas of mathematics such as topology. He has published numerous papers and a research monograph, Graph Decompositions (Oxford 1990). His Springer Graduate Text, Graph Theory, has been translated into German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

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